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Parking Battle Near Grand Prix Settled

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With big events like the Rock Island Grand Prix drawing in big crowds, parking can be a big issue.

For the past two years, Becky Meyer would warn people not to park at Dan Vinar Furniture Co. The owner wasn't allowing people to park on their lot, and even had signs warning them that their vehicle would get towed and they did.

"I would watch the tow trucks sit and hide out by the church, and they would have a couple of cars, almost like bait cars waiting for cars to come in. And he would tow them away. He actually yelled at me one year because I was hurting his revenue. That's pretty much why I wanted everyone to know not to park there because it costs a lot of money," Meyer said.

The owner, Lisa Vinar, says in previous years people would park in her customers parking spots while the store was open, and that would hurt business

"The customers couldn't get in the building there's no where to park," Vinar explained.

But this year is different.

To help solve the problem she's allowing people to park now for a fee of five dollars. And people are definitely taking advantage of it.

"I think it's going to help, first of all with the Grand Prix, people are going to find a space and we will control where they park so we will leave open my customer areas and we wont have an issue," Vinar said.

And with that, people like Becky Meyer can rest easy.

"I think that's great, as long as people from out of town are not getting their cars towed, or even people in this area getting their cars towed away and having to pay a hundred dollars to get their car out. I think it's wonderful that they have stepped up and support the event," she said.

Lisa Vinar says she plans to keep the lot open in years to come.

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