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The Future Of Credit Island

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It was up for debate for months, but we now know the Credit Island Lodge will have a future.
Davenport council members voted Wednesday night to rebuild. This, after several supporters got up to address aldermen.
Supporter Dale Hendricks, telling them, "We're convinced that if the Lodge is not rebuilt, Credit Island will probably fall quickly into disrepair."
He, and others, using the last few moments before the vote, working to convince council members to rebuild the Lodge.
Plans for that, something a task force has worked on for weeks, paying attention to design and how family gatherings or reunions could happen on the second floor.
Members also worked to make sure the first floor would meet FEMA requirements, with flood vents.
"That will relieve all the pressure in the building, when the floodwaters come in. Plus it will let the floodwaters run out," Hendricks says.
Important, because the City lost the Lodge in a fire during spring floods three months ago.
Mary Cormier tells us, "The day it burned I cried. And now these are happy tears that it was approved."
The unanimous vote to rebuild was unanimous, followed by applause from the crowd. The resolution calls for insurance money, 1.2 million dollars to fund the rebuilding process, which could start before the snow flies.
"Then in Spring, got Mother Nature with the floods," Cormier says. "So we'll just day by day, one day at a time."
Until what is now a burned out shell of a building looks more like the Lodge used to.
"Out of the fire it will rise like a Phoenix. That's what we're looking for, giving the Island it's respect back that's overdue," Cormier says.
Giving local families a chance to once again enjoy all the Lodge has to offer, or discover that for the very first time.
Task force members say they expect the building to be 80 to 90 percent restored when it's all said and done.
The Friends of Credit Island say the plan to write grants for additional funds.


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