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Wapello Superintendent Explains Need for Heat Days

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Schools around the QCA are dismissing early for heat days. Schools around the QCA are dismissing early for heat days.

The Wapello School District is among several that will be having early dismissals because of heat this week. District officials say it's an issue of student safety.

It's happening all over the QCA. School districts are trying to do right by their students by giving them time off of school and away from the heat.

In many cases, their schools are old brick buildings that hold heat, and they don't have any air conditioning.

District leaders say it's just not safe for kids to be inside and in those conditions for an entire school day.

We visited the Wapello School District in Iowa on Sunday. It's one of many that will be sending kids home early this week.

Wapello Schools have announced they will be having half days on Monday and Tuesday - getting students out of buildings before temps get to high.

Superintendent Mike Peterson says they are expecting heat indexes to reach above 100 on Monday, and with plenty of notice on the school schedule changes, he hopes parents have enough time to adjust their work schedules accordingly:

"With a snow day, a lot of times you are at the mercy of an oncoming storm system - you never know if the storm system is going to veer one way or another. This situation you can tell the heat is coming and the heat is going to stay for awhile," Peterson said.

Right now, Peterson says there are no plans to put air condition in the Wapello schools because of the cost.

He also said there may be more heat days this week if the weather doesn't cool down.


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