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Public Transit Enhances With More Buses In Davenport

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A big change is coming to the way Davenport handles public transit, designed to make the system more efficient.
Davenport's public works director tells us it's about working smarter. A decision had to be made when Metrolink got federal money for this new facility in Rock Island. Partner cities could stay here or go.
Davenport, deciding buses not having to cross the river to start and end each day would be better for the bottom line and riders.

"So I just ride,go to get groceries and stuff," said Dave Stovall, a regular bus rider.
Dave Stovall says he's been doing that for 30 years, riding the bus in good weather and bad.

"You just stand and wait 'til the bus gets there, it gets cold, but you get on the bus and get warm," said Stovall.
Davenport public works director Mike Clarke says that wait could be shorter once the new facility is up and running in Davenport.

"Getting out to that first bus stop for that person waiting in the cold or the snow, planning on that bus being there in 30 seconds, that makes it easier from starting within Davenport," said Clarke.

Twenty-one buses will be housed in a new storage building that will sit here on the public works campus.

An administration building will be added on, making communication easier especially when it comes to synchronizing bus service with snowplow routes.

And a maintenance bay complete with parts and equipment will increase efficiency.

"I have a fleet of mechanics and we already service 550 vehicles, adding 19, 21 busses, not gonna be a big stress on our mechanical capabilities," said Clarke.
Clarke says the city will continue to collaborate with other cities and Metrolink.

"It's not a question of breaking away from Metrolink, it's just a question of where are our buses going to spend the night," said Clarke.
So riders won't see a change in routes, stops or schedules. Instead, Clarke says, just reliable service.


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