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Moline Looking For Strangers Approaching Students Near Schools

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Moline police take one man into custody and are looking for another after two incidents this morning, where students were approached by strangers.

Each incident happening near a middle school and when class let out for the day, more parents, teachers, and police than usual were there to keep a close eye on the kids.
In the case near John Deere Middle School, an unknown male approached a female student, grabbed her from behind, then ran away. In the other incident, near Wilson Middle School, police were able to find the suspect and arrest him for disorderly conduct.
Police say 23-year-old Derek Argo was dressed as a female,  wearing a blonde wig and women's clothing, when he approached a female student.
Parents say the whole thing is scary.

"I mean you hear about it other places and movies, but you don't think it's going to happen to you," said Molly Wiese.

Neither student who was approached was hurt. Anyone with any information is asked to call crimestoppers or Moline police.


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