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Increasing Local School Security

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New security systems are in place at several area schools. New security systems are in place at several area schools.


Students at a Georgia elementary school returned to class after a gunman opened fire on the school on Tuesday. No one was hurt in the incident, but it does have us looking into what security measures are in place in area schools to protect our kids and staff. 
A handful of districts we talked to say they're increasing and making changes to school security every year.

School's out for the day at Paul Norton Elementary in Bettendorf, meaning parents like Bethany Meneses are back with her kids keeping close watch over them.   

"I think everyone's top priority is their kids," said Meneses. "You want them to be safe, especially when they're at school and they're not under your control."
And for the times when the kids are at school and not in her control, the Bettendorf School District is unrolling a new security measure in some of its schools. It's a new computer system that checks the criminal history of anyone coming into the school, specifically looking for sex offenders. 

Fox 18's Danielle McCarthy went through the check in process to see how it works. The secretary scanned her drivers license into the computer system. That puts a picture of her on record. Then she signed in at a kiosk where the computer matched her name against a list of registered sex offenders. No matches were found, so the system printed her a photo ID she must wear in the school at all times. 
For parents, it's a few simple steps for more peace of mind. 

"It gives you peace of mind when you can't be around to watch them, that they're taking care of them," said parent Sean Kingery. "I think it's good that they're being proactive. I think it does make us feel a little better that they're trying to up their security. Anything that they do is definitely going to, it puts parents minds at ease."
It's not just putting parents' minds at ease. Administrators say they're happy with the system, too.

"If it works effectively, then we'll give serious consideration to rolling it out to more schools in the future," said superintendent Theron Schutte.


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