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Mandatory Reporting For Stolen Guns In IL

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A new law requires that lost or stolen guns be reported within 72 hours. A new law requires that lost or stolen guns be reported within 72 hours.

For the first time in Illinois history, reporting a lost or stolen gun is now mandatory.

Governor Pat Quinn outlined the requirement when he signed what's being called a "gun safety bill" yesterday in Chicago. Under the new law, Illinois residents must report missing or stolen guns within 72 hours of learning the gun was gone.
With more guns expected on the streets soon with the passage of "Conceal and Carry", the Rock Island County Sheriff says the law is definitely a good one. 

It's at stores like Shooting Sports in Moline where the basics behind the new bill begin. Employees say they've already started educating gun owners about the reporting law. It's also at a store like this one where you'll find gun owners saying that new law is a good idea.

"I think it's fantastic," said gun owner Bradley Forret. "That way we can help identify and keep some guns out of the hands of undesirables or criminals, felons, sex offenders or what have you."
Governor Pat Quinn says the new law is all about safety.

"If a gun is lost or stolen, that the owner report that missing gun immediately within 72 hours," said Quinn. "It's going to help our law enforcement. It's also going to help all of us be safe."
We asked local law enforcement agencies if they do think the law will help. Rock Island County Sheriff Jeff Boyd says he believes it will.      
"In anticipation of more weapons being on the street, it's a good idea," said Boyd. "And just to remind people at the front, if you're going to be a responsible gun owner, then you're responsible for it even when it's taken from you and/or you lose it."
But back at the gun shop, the handful of gun owners we spoke to say they think most people already report missing guns, so in the end, they're not sure how much of an impact the new law will have.
Illinois joins a list of seven other states along with Washington D.C. that require residents report lost or stolen guns.


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