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Whiteside County Looking To Boost Fair Profile

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Fair organizers are hoping new attractions will bring in more fairgoers. Fair organizers are hoping new attractions will bring in more fairgoers.


The Whiteside County Fair says it's spending between $5,000 and $10,000 dollars more on this year's fair than in years past. 
Event planners have brought in some new additions to the fair in hopes of drawing in more people. They say they've already sold about 20% more kids' wristbands than last year and that puts them on track of meeting their goal to increase this year's attendance by about 20%.
30,000 people turned out for the fair last year so the fair organizers say they tried to come up with some ways to bring in about 6,000 more.

For Bob Stone and his daughter Rebecca, a day at the fair is more than a tradition. 

"It's in our blood. We can't get away from it. It's Morrison life. We live in town and it's one of those things you look forward to every year," they said.
We caught up with the pair as they were checking out one of the new additions to this year's fair, a carving competition. The competition is just one of the new attractions this year that has event planners hoping more people will swing by.

"It's costing a little more money, but in return we're hoping to bring more people out and give them a mixture of different things to see," said Todd Mickley.
Different things like a live band, more rides and a thrill show, all new this year.
Staffers can't say for sure yet if the new attractions are working but ask any of the ticket takers and they'll tell you turnout's been good. 

"We were busy," said Marvin VanZuiden. "There's a lot of them coming. So it looks good for Whiteside."
Whether the new additions draw in more folks or not, seasoned fair-goers say the change is good. 

"The fair needed it," said Sheila Fisher. "It needed to become more exciting."


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