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Underage drinking at Crow Creek

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Officers at Crow Creek are seeing an increase in underage drinking. Officers at Crow Creek are seeing an increase in underage drinking.

What better way to spend a summer day than relaxing on the water with a cold beverage? It's something you might want to do this weekend, but it's a problem when the drinkers are underage.

Conservation officers say they're seeing it at Crow Creek Wildlife Management Area. The lake there, about nine acres, is pristine and beautiful.

At the same time, they tell us that is changing. Now that there is no alcohol allowed at Buffalo Beach, more people are coming here to Crow Creek. Younger drinkers are potentially hurting themselves and the environment.

"This is a very deep lake and if you go under and there's another 100 people out there floating, they may not see you go under. They may not be able to help you," said Conservation Officer Jeff Harrison. "You could have a heat stroke. You could have any one of 1000 things occur out there, whether it's a leg cramp to you just ingest too much water from laughing or something."

 He says alcohol could intensify the problems, making it tough for a swimmer to be rescued. While there haven't been life safety issues like that this year, conservation offices have written two dozen underage drinking citations and they've dealt with littering as well.


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