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Iowa meth problem hits Clinton

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One-pot meth labs are a growing problem in Clinton. One-pot meth labs are a growing problem in Clinton.

Clinton authorities are battling an increase of methamphetamine manufacturing and distribution in the area. and officials are working to find a solution to combat the ongoing problem. 

142 meth labs have been discovered in the area since the beginning of the year. 70% of the labs have been the one-pot method, which is a quicker way to make the drug.
But it also poses a challenge for police to find a safe way to clean up the hazardous material, which could become costly.

"No one has the resources, financial or otherwise to mitigate these hazardous materials," said Clinton Police Chief Brian Guy. "It's being placed on the taxpayers to render these labs safe and remove these materials out."

Police say in the past, the state and federal government would pay for meth lab mitigations but lately funds have been dried up, causing Clinton authorities to rely on taxpayers.  


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