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Trapping Coyotes In Rock Island

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Coyotes are on the loose in Rock Island and even attacking homeowner's pets and today a wild life service took action to try to solve the problem.

We got a first hand look at how wild life services attempt to trap the wild animals.

The coyotes have been spotted near the Blackhawk Forest Preserve in Rock Island. Recently they've been aggressive and experts believe it is because they trying to protect their pups but wildlife services says catching the coyotes would help keep residents safe and when you catch them you can't just release them somewhere else.

"If you don't euthanize them and release them somewhere else,  they're gonna come back," said Jason Thomas, owner and operator of Paws.

Officials hope they can catch all of the coyotes in a week. They still advise residents not to go near one if you see one.


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