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Concealed Carry May Mean Big QCA Business

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Since Illinois lawmakers approved a concealed carry law, some gun shops are already seeing an increase in business.

Owners say more people want to participate in gun classes and training. According to the law, you need 16 hours of training to get the permit, but people are calling a local firearms training facility wanting to know what it takes to be a gun owner.
The increase in traffic is expected to mean increased revenue to gun businesses too.

"Hopefully it will be a boost for them and a boost for the economy," said Darin Overheart, owner of QCI Firearms Training. "Gun sales have already been at astronomical levels in anyhow in Iowa and Illinois. So hopefully it will just continue that trend."

Residents must also have an I.D. card, pass a background check along with the 16 hours of training. The Illinois State Police must be ready to accept permit application in six months.


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