QC Dive Team Trains For The Worst To Be At Their Best When it Matters


The Big River Rescue and Recovery Dive Team is the only one of its kind in the Quad Cities. They took us underwater during one of their training sessions this weekend.

It's tough being a public safety diver:

"Every mission, I get nervous. And any diver that says that they don't get nervous that they're not concerned at all, I would have concern with them being on my team," Big River Rescue and Recovery Dive Team instructor Mark Poulos said.

That's why The Big River Rescue and Recovery Team trains regularly. They took us underwater during one of their training sessions and it was far from easy.

From putting on heavy equipment, to making sure you're able to breathe - they all train on a regular basis for worst case scenarios.

Mark Poulos says the team is very important because the Mississippi is so close.

"We have several boats out there that the crews can respond to, respond to a surface issue but there's no underwater team that goes out there and looks for evidence, sunken cars," he said.

The team takes every mission very seriously, but Poulos says being called out on a mission is definitely not a good thing:

"We hope we don't get called out, it's not something we look forward to, but we see that there's a definite need."

All members are unpaid volunteers. They not only use their own time to train, but they're also responsible for paying for their own equipment, which can add up to tens of thousands of dollars.

They do it to give back to the community, said team member Ben Wilson.

"Everybody's got a lot of comradery, and come together to help out. It's really rewarding," Wilson explained.

The team has received funds from within the community to help pay for their expenses.

They hope to get more in the future.

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