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Animal Shelters See More Strays Following July 4th Celebrations

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The Humane Society of Scott County alone has gotten more than 80 phone calls in the past few days from people looking for their runaway pets.

The owners say the sound of the fireworks sent their pets running.

People have been lining up at local animal shelters each morning in hopes of finding their furry friend.

The shelters say they're coping.

Animal shelters in both Scott and Rock Island counties say they're lucky they've had enough food and space to take care of all the extra animals. But for their fairly small staffs, all the extra strays can make things a bit chaotic.

Over the past three days, the shelters have reunited about 40 pets with their owners.

But, each return requires a lot of time and paperwork for the staff, and there have been some hectic moments.

Friday morning, a dozen people were lined up at the Scott County shelter looking for their dogs who had been scared off by the noise from the fireworks.

The director says pet owners can and should take several precautions to prevent this kind of issue:

"Maybe they want to board their pet while they have all this activity going on, or maybe they want to confine them to a basement or a bedroom - some place the pet is comfortable while all this activity is going on so they don't get away from them," Pam Arndt explained.

Police and animal control officers have also been hard at work finding the dogs and bringing them to local shelters.

The Humane Society says many owners who can't find their pet at any of the area's shelters are also turning to Craigslist for help.

The shelters tell us the biggest wave of fireworks-related strays has probably already come in, with most fireworks displays in the area coming to an end this weekend.

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