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Area Neighborhoods Concerned After Coyote Attacks

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A certain wild animal is infiltrating some area neighborhoods and now homeowners are concerned after coyotes have been attacking their dogs.

"Two coyotes actually attacked our lab," Greg Swanson said. "She had a number of puncture wounds, required veterinary service."    

Wildlife experts say they have spotted coyotes in the southwest part of Rock Island, near the Blackhawk Forest Preserve. They have also been spotted in Silvis and other areas.
Neighbors say they have seen two attacks on dogs, seriously injuring them, within the last two weeks and now experts say Quad Citians could see more coyotes in the city.

"They have found that feeding in the cities is a lot easier for them because they've come to find that small dogs and cats are one of their favorite food sources now," Bill Christman, owner of Chrstman's Wildlife Services said.

Experts also say they can find up to 30 coyotes a year. That is a significant increase over the years. 

They also say coyotes are more aggressive this time of year because they've just had their pups and are being protective of them. Experts say if you see one, do not approach it and to call authorities to take care of it. 


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