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Davenport Considers Raising Sewage Bills to Deal with Back Up Problems

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The wet spring made sewage backups a persistent issue for some homeowners.

Now, the city of Davenport is looking at a possible fix, but it comes with a price tag.

Davenport resident Christina Thoeminge has had two incidents with her sewer backing up within a month. She says the city is to blame but she also says that the city tried to lay the blame on her:

"Kind of made it sound like we did something, like we were at fault," she said.

But, Thoeminge says she had her home inspected before the incidents occurred, and that her family is not at fault.

Alderman Barney Barnhill says the city is in fact partly to blame - which is why officials are now looking at implementing a new program to help reimburse sewer back-up expenses.

"We weren't putting enough money into sewer repairs, it was never really a big issue," he said.

The No-Fault Sewer Back Up Program would help Davenport residents pay for sewer damage and alleviate costs.

Everyone would have to pay an additional two-dollars per-quarter on their sewage bill. This money would specifically go to those hurt badly financially.

But some say the rate increase just isn't fair.

"I just don't think it's right for us to pay for their mistakes they've made thus far," said one local homeowner.

Still, others say, if it helps, then there shouldn't be an issue.

City officials haven't finalized anything yet. They're still discussing their plans.

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