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Aquatic Plant Transport Illegal In Iowa

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Flooding is impacting what would have been the first good boating weekend of the summer.

Many ramps are under water and conservation officers are asking you to stay off area waterways. It will affect all area boaters and could have a big impact on area waterways.
A new law, taking effect in Iowa that makes it illegal to transport aquatic plants. The concern, invasive species that can contaminate lakes and rivers and destroy life there.
We've seen it happen with asian carp or flying fish in the Great Lakes and on Illinois rivers. These fish eat food other fish need to survive, destroying the fish populations and fishing industries.
It's something that happens more often than you'd think.

"Lake Wapello, for example, in Iowa drained in 2008 and then refilled it and then found gizzard shad in there two years later and had to kill all fish and re-drain it and repopulate it," conservation officer Jeff Harrison said. "Well that's five years that people aren't really gonna be able to enjoy that lake or fish in that."

To make sure that doesn't continue to happen, or happen elsewhere, boaters will have to drain all water from boats and equipment and have drain plugs removed or opened during transport.
The goal is to make sure fish eggs or viruses aren't moved from one body of water to another on boat sides, propellers or even trailers.


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