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Curbing Stray Animal Population And Animal Abuse

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The Clinton Humane Society is trying to make the world a better place for animals. The Clinton Humane Society is trying to make the world a better place for animals.

One group is trying to make the world a better place for those with four legs, from trying to curb the stray population to cracking down on animal abusers. On Thursday,  we talked to officials at the Clinton Humane Society about working to make strides with these issues.  

It may not be the most enjoyable situation for them, but it is all about the animals at Thursday's low-cost clinic at the Clinton Humane Society. A visiting veterinarian was spaying or neutering and vaccinating a handful of dogs and about a dozen cats. It's a monthly service pet owners are really taking advantage of and that's what Humane Society Operations Manager Sandi Bartels wants to see.
"We're trying really to alleviate the stray population in the area. By bringing in every single cat we do is helping prevent another litter out on the street," said Bartels.
Along with that, it's about advocacy for animals that already have homes. Bartels says it gets harder each time these staffers come across a case of animal abuse or neglect. Most recently, a half dozen animals were brought in after a local meth lab bust.
"Really, that's abuse too having them in a situation like that...we had a black residue wash off those animals," she added.
Which is why she's on board with the idea of establishing an animal abuser registry. It's something several states are considering, with similar bills right now in New York, Michigan and Texas. A person convicted of animal cruelty would have to register, undergo psychiatric evaluation, and would be banned from owning pets for a certain amount of time. Bartels says she would like to see establishment of a nation-wide animal abuser registry.     
"I think that's a wonderful idea. Then, whether it's the pet stores or anybody selling an animal, they would have to check that registry before selling an animal to that person."
Right now, references are checked for any adoption. This could be another tool to ensure these animals find a good home.  "We don't know what they've been through when they come to us and we certainly don't want to put them back in that same kind of situation," said Bartels.
The Humane Society remains very full, so for now the focus is on finding good homes however possible. There is an Adopt-A-Thon coming up with reduced fees July 15th through the 20th. There's a microchip clinic on Wednesday the 17th, a low-cost vaccination clinic on Thursday, and a low-cost spay/neuter clinic on Friday the 19th by appointment only.  Contact the Clinton Humane Society at (563) 242-2457.


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