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Winds Damage Rock Island County

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Damage from winds in Rock Island. Damage from winds in Rock Island.

In Rock Island County, a lot of issues are stemming from straight line winds. There are a few places, though, where it's hard to imagine straight line winds having that kind of power. 

Looking around the damage left behind by the severe weather that rolled through here, it's very hard to miss.
These was a very, very large tree completely blocking the roadway at the corner of 85th Ave and 51st St  It's one of several trees down in that area of Rock Island. 

Branches were down all over the place. There was a semi-truck on its side in a parking lot and heard reports of others in that same situation. A garage door on one industrial building was blown in, trees came down, and there were some really close calls for buildings.

It's evident that there's a lot of damage from whatever came through here and it's going to be a lot of cleanup.


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