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QC Air Show Pilot Forced to Make Emergency Landing

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Pilot John Klatt was forced to make a hard emergency landing at the QC Airshow. Pilot John Klatt was forced to make a hard emergency landing at the QC Airshow.

It was a very scary moment at the Quad City Air Show Sunday.

Less than a year after a tragic crash at our air show killed one pilot, and only a day after another air show crash in Dayton, Ohio killed two people, a pilot at the Quad City Air Show was forced to make a hard, emergency landing.

That pilot, John Klatt, walked away with just minor burns and scrapes.

As the air show announcer put it, just after the plane went down, the pilot has, "...cut himself worse shaving".

Klatt, a Minnesota-based pilot who's been flying for more than 20 years, was able to walk away after a piece from his plane punctured the engine mid-flight - causing oil to spray over his windshield and canopy.

He had to release the canopy mid-air to be able to see again.

That piece of the plane was among several picked up by crews from the fields after Klatt landed.

Once the plane went down, emergency crews immediately went to the end of the runway to come to the pilot's aid.

Klatt was part of the Air Guard demonstration team. He was forced to make an emergency landing near the beginning of the routine.

Witnesses say it was a scary situation to see:

"When he came down, he came real close to the ground and he was dipping up and down like something was wrong, and we couldn't see him anymore on the far end of the runway, and all the sudden a bunch of emergency vehicles started rushing down that way," one witness, Ken Bales, told us.

"When it's you, it's very serious. When you are a pilot and you can understand what's going on, you understand what's he's going through," said another witness and former pilot, Steve Robinson.

Klatt may look familiar to some viewers. You may have seen him in video from a flight Thursday, when he was up in the air with our own Greg Dutra.

That flight was nothing but smooth sailing. The flight Sunday was obviously a different story.

The emergency landing will now be investigated by the FAA, according to an air show official.

But as of now, we know Klatt is up and talking, reportedly saying thanks to all for their thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, June 23, 2013, was the last day of the 27th annual Quad City Air Show.

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