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The Great Race Makes a QC Stop, Boosts Local Economy

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The Quad Cities is playing host to an antique car race that's supposed to pump about $150,000 into the local economy.

The Great Race started Saturday in St. Paul, Minnesota, and Sunday night about 400 people with the race are staying in the area.

The Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau says about 5,000 more people turned out to watch Sunday's event.

All of them are expected to spend a good chunk of money on food, lodging, and other purchases around town.

"Hopefully we won't have to do too much maintenance on the car. There might be a little maintenance we have to do. But hopefully we'll be able to get out and about and check out the town some more. If not, I'll definitely be stopping back in when I pass through again," said one Great Race driver, Tabetha Hammer.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau had to spend $5,000 to sponsor and host the race for the day.

The racers will head off to Peoria on Monday morning, en route to their final destination in Alabama.

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