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Fun at the Henry County Fair

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The Henry County Fair continues through Sunday in Cambridge, Illinois, and this year's fair offers family fun and a way to better connect with local agriculture products.

The weather, of course, plays a big role in attendance. Organizers are hoping for drier weather this weekend to bring in bigger crowds.

But, despite some rain Friday, this was one of the biggest night's for this fair.

It was the night for this year's big concert: "Brush Fire" - back by popular demand.

The show was going to go on rain or shine, and organizers said if severe weather caused a delay, they would have posted a notice on the fair's Facebook page.

That's also where they're posting updates on all the fun events throughout the fair. And, there certainly are a lot of them.

"Everything's going on this week at the fair," Rick Dobbels, Henry County Fair President, said.

It's a summer tradition more than 150 years in the making.

"I think this is like the best fair ever," 11-year-old Myah Svensen told us.

And, everyone has a favorite part:

"I like to watch the livestock shows and walk around with my friends," said 12-year-old Lizzy Ratliff, who goes to the fair every year.

"The best part is, I think all the shows," Michael Alvarez, owner of the "Taco Factory", said.

"The horse show. I'm partial to the horses," Henry County Equestrian Ambassador Chelsea Vyncke said.

"Seeing all the people," said Dobbels, "It's great!"

Organizers say the fair a great way to bring the entire community together, whether they're here for the rides and games, the traditional fair food, entertainment, and livestock shows, or to check out and show off some of the best locally-sourced products in the area.

"I buy all my pork from Highland Pack in Colona, Illinois," said Pat Jones, owner of Pat & Lea's Concessions.

"Here's how tough this stuff is. It just falls apart," he demonstrated for us, giving us a peak inside the combination pressure cooker-smoker that gives his pork its unique flavor and texture.

Everyone we talked to here agrees: County fairs are an invaluable opportunity to better connect everyone with the food they eat.

"There's a lot of people that don't know where the meat comes from," Dobbels pointed out.

"A lot of people think you just go and buy it from the store, when in reality, you have farmers who raise it," added Morgan Egnell, Henry County Pork Ambassador.

"And the farmers who raise it don't get credit for it, and I think that they really need more recognition," she added.

Shining a spotlight on those farmers - and the local ag industries - is what events like this are really all about.

"If you want to see the best of the best, you come to the fair," Dobbels said.

The competition is fierce; the fun is for everyone - farmer and non-farmer alike.

This year's Henry County Fair continues through Sunday.

Saturday's big events are an open cattle show and the demolition derby.

Sunday features motorcycle races and the open goat show.

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