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Grass Clippings Concern for Environment, Your Wallet

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Recent rain may have you raring to mow your lawn. But we have a warning for you about that. While it's not a problem for a grass clipping or two to make its way through the storm drain, a big clump can have a big impact on water quality and your wallet.

Davenport Natural Resources Manager Brian Stineman tells us his crews have seen it nearly ten times so far this season, clumps of grass blocking drains. The first place we'll all see it is street flooding.

But as that grass decays there and on creek beds, it releases chemicals. That will affect everything that lives in our waterways. Stineman says, "So when you look at the dissolved oxygen level, then your fish and your aquatic animals can't survive. So those types of things die off and you have fish kills and things like that. And it can start with something as simple as blowing your grass clippings into the street."

Different cities have different ordinances and different fee schedules. In Davenport, the first time crews have to come clean your street, you'll probably get a warning. Repeat offenders could pay up to 250 dollars.

City leaders we talked to across the area stress that they have special yard waste pick-up programs.  Many times they are free. And there are places to drop off your grass and leaves year round.

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