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Twelve Dogs Found Dead In Kewanee Home

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     Another case of animal cruelty. This one out of Kewanee and it involves a dozen dogs. Marta Ceja, 42, is charged with aggravated animal cruelty. Police officers Tuesday went to her home on the 400 block of E 10th Street and found 12 small dogs. The animals apparently died of starvation and dehydration and neighbors say they're shocked and saddened.
     "It makes you sick. It really does. If you can't take care of them or maintain them take them some place that can," said neighbor Barbara Clark.
     The city has sent a community service officer there in the past after complaints the animals weren't receiving proper care but each time they found there was food and water so the case was closed. That was until a postal worker alerted police about a suspicious odor coming from the home.


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