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Lightning Impacts Bureau County Communication Tower

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A strike of lightning to the Bureau County' communication tower shutdown communication and left $40-thousand in damage.
Now county officials say this is an ongoing problem that needs to be fixed.

"Five or six hits here in the last several years and we're trying to find a solution for it," Cdr. Jim Shipp said.

When lightning struck the tower in April it caused chaos.
Local law enforcement agencies were not able to use the radio system, computers and telephones and residents were not able to call in during an emergency.
An engineer says it's common for the tower to receive lightning strikes but the tower is not handling them the way it should and he says he knows how to fix the problem.

"Right now the tower itself isn't properly grounded," E&S Grounding Solutions' David Stockin said. "So, the coax lines need a little bit of improvement to the way they're grounded so, when the lightning hits, it won't damage the equipment inside."

Bureau County officials are looking into what it would cost to fix the problem and the county will start taking bids for repairs.


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