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Hoping For The $600 Million Jackpot

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     It's Powerball fever as the jackpot grows to a staggering $600 million. It's the largest prize in the game's history and the world's second largest lottery jackpot ever. There are plenty of dreamers hoping to be a winner.
     With a 600 million dollar jackpot up for grabs - it's the more tickets the better for Jason Mathews.  "I bought thirty. I already got ten today," said Jason Mathews. 
     At the Sara Mini Mart in Davenport there were more than $900 in Powerball ticket sales by just the early afternoon Friday. Even with a spike in gas prices managers say people are willing to spend the $2 for a ticket.
     "Brings more people here as well as they buy other stuff along with Powerball too," said Abam Baral.
      We found some lottery-hopefuls buying for a group of people even if that strategy hasn't proven successful for them in the past.  "Like anybody else we figured if we all pool together we got a better shot. We tried the last two weeks and haven't won a dime," said Joe Soliz.
     Folks like Dan Atkinson play on a weekly basis.  He understands the odds aren't great for the big win. In fact, it's about one in 175 million. "It's supposed to rain tonight. If I get outside I'll probably get struck by lightning first," said Atkinson. But he says if you don't play, you can't win.
     Store clerk Mary Jo Daughtry at Bon Air Liquor in Moline sees a lot of lottery players who are always hoping luck is on their side. "They say make me rich, give me a winning ticket," said Daughtry. But even more so with a jackpot of record proportions that is quickly growing.
     Lottery officials say the jackpot has grown by about $236 million since the last drawing on Wednesday because so many people are buying tickets. If you wind up with the winning one and go for the lump sum on the $600 million jackpot, that will come to "only" $376.9 million.  The next drawing is Saturday night.


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