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Testing Out the .05 Blood Alcohol Limit

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Testing out the .05 limit Testing out the .05 limit

Testing the limit...the National Transportation and Safety Board is now recommending states lower the legal drinking limit from .08 to .05. But how many drinks does it take to get there? 
On Wednesday, we found out that answer. In a controlled experiment with the Rock Island County Sheriff's Department, a 170-pound corrections officer test subject began drinking 12-ounce cans of beer. After each one there was a ten to 15 minute observation period, then a breathalyzer test.
Four drinks in, he was starting to show signs of intoxication and with that many in one hour, he blew .051. 
"I've got a little bit of a buzz. I mean, I failed the heel to toe, but I think I'd be alright," said Patrick Viren. The test subject did say he felt comfortable to drive at that point, but to be safe there was a sober driver to get him home.
Many factors including weight, alcohol content, time, and metabolism contribute to your blood alcohol level. Officials say the only guaranteed solution is to not drink and drive period.


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