Facing Decisions On Davenport School Boundary Changes

[image] The Davenport school district is nearing a vote on its new school boundaries.

The Davenport school district is nearing a vote on its new school boundaries after months of work.

The Superintendent wants to give families a "grandfather" option for students who get redrawn to a new attendance center. Once the board approves the new boundaries, students will be barred from transferring to different school buildings.

The district doesn't want to balance out its school populations only to have transfers undo that work. However, it will allow students who do get redrawn to finish their schooling at their current building.

Younger siblings can also stay at that same school, unless the older sibling has already moved on before they start. The superintendent says stabilizing transfers will stabilize the building enrollments.

"That will help a lot, and the board is really talking a lot about whether they want to do that at the high school level," Davenport Superintendent Dr. Art Tate said. "I think they understand they've got become a little stricter about letting people go from one attendance area to another."

The high school boundaries are a trickier issue. The board could choose to have the same no transfer policy, changing the current ability of students to easily transfer between high schools. 


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