LeClaire Seeing Sinking Sidewalks

[image] Sinking sidewalks and damaged streets are an ongoing problem in LeClaire.

Sinking sidewalks and damaged streets have been going on for years now in one LeClaire neighborhood and city leaders are still working to find a permanent fix.

Many of the problems are in the Bluffs subdivision. Several times, crews have gone through a process called "mud jacking" to fill underground voids. 

A study showed the area has issues with surface water drainage, poorly compacted fill, and soil that is susceptible to erosion. The Council now has an option to continue the studies to find a possible solution.

"Ground penetrating radar and some samples so they have some idea of what's underneath the concrete and what we can do with it," LeClaire Mayor Bob Scannell said.

Several hundred thousand dollars have already been invested in temporary fixes in that area.


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