Community: Train Accident Should Serve as Warning for Others

[image] A teen remains in serious condition after being hit by a train on a bridge in Milledgeville.

A Carroll County teenager remains in 'serious condition' in a Rockford Hospital after he was hit by a train in Milledgeville Friday evening.

Milledgeville Police say 15-year-old Chance Casares of Chadwick, Illinois was walking on the railroad bridge over the Elkhorn Creek with two other juveniles when he was struck by a west bound train.

His companions were not hurt.

Now, some area residents are calling for everyone to exercise more caution and common sense around railroad tracks.

The bridge the teens were walking on is only meant for trains to pass over the small creek. There is another bridge nearby that is made for both cars and people to use.

And according to people who live in Millidgeville, the railroad bridge is simply not a place where people should be walking around.

"They could go down the blacktop and get across the creek and even back here in the industrial park they can get across there. I've never been down there," Millidgeville resident Pat McKenna told us.

"I've lived here for 35 years and I don't remember anybody getting hit on that bridge going across the creek," she said.

Residents we talked to said they hoped Friday's accident would serve as a warning for others to stay off the railroad tracks.

Milledgeville Police and the Carroll County Sheriff's Department declined to comment further on this case.

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