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Surprise Military Homecoming for Graduating Preston HS Senior

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For Preston High School's Class of 2013, Sunday was a day full of family.

Parents, aunts, uncles, and siblings lined both sides of this gymnasium to see their graduates walk across the stage.

But for Senior Brooke Krogman, one person was missing from the celebration.

"This morning she said the day is all good, she's excited, there's only one thing missing, Justin," Brooke's mom, Denise Krogman says.

Brooke's brother Justin has served in the Air Force for seven years. He was stationed in Oklahoma, now England, but has missed out on family events and seeing Brooke grow up.

"Every now and then, missing her sports, her games, stuff like that, she gets a little sad, but she knows I'm in the military," SSgt. Justin Krogman says.

"Justin has never seen anything of Brooke's through school," Denise Krogman says.

"He can't just come back for something for Brooke," Brian Krogman says, "Or even call her, he's limited to when he can call."

Now after three months of planning, a family reunion just in time for Mother's Day and Brooke's graduation.

"This is the best Mother's Day I could ever have," Denise Krogman says, "This is the first time the family has been all together."

"She's going to cry, she'll be very excited," SSgt. Justin Krogman says.

It all led to this reunion.

"I had talked to him yesterday and he'd told me he was in England, he had just gotten back from his deployment," Brooke Krogman says, "I thought he was there and to see him walk in was great."

A family together and a brother, home at last.

SSgt. Krogman will be home in Preston for two weeks before returning to his post in England.

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