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Barstow Residents Back Home After Flood

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Residents in Barstow try to clean up after flooding. Residents in Barstow try to clean up after flooding.

Barstow residents are just now being allowed back into their homes after being evacuated last month due to a levee breach.

Residents like Nicole Ensey and James Sellers came back to their home at the River Oaks Trailer Park for the first time in three weeks Saturday.

"See there's a dead mouse there, I'm warning you it's really gross, there's mold everywhere," Ensey said.

"We had about an hour, hour and a half to get as much valuables out as we could, and that was it," she said of the evacuation.

The two came back to this: "Appliances, the dishwasher, anything that was touching the ground, ten inches above it is gone," Sellers said.

"I've got couches up off the tables that are just covered in mold," he said.

"Everything's destroyed," added Ensey.

Warped floorboards, drenched furniture, and the overwhelming smell of mold are everywhere.

Now clean up begins, but residents don't even know where to start.

"I don't know how you would go about cleaning most of it out," Sellers said.

Anissa Sarazin doesn't live here anymore, but spent most of her life here.

"I've got roots out here, friends, family," Sarazin said, "It just sickens me to see they have to go through all this."

She said more than 20 homes here were ruined by floodwaters, and only a handful will be able to move back.

"They've lost basically everything, they've got to gut it," Sarazin said.

She said most, like Ensey and Sellers, will just pick up what they can, and leave.

"As far as moving back in here, that's not our plan," Sellers said.

So they're starting over somewhere new.

"In this situation, I don't know, I don't know what they would do," Sarazin said.

Business owners at the Avenue Tap in Silvis have set up a makeshift emergency assistance center.

Residents affected are encouraged to go there to get clothes, food, and whatever else they may need.

If you would like to donate, or are in need of assistance, call Avenue Tap staff at (309) 755-4119.

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