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Sterling Fire At Fitness Center

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Fire at Westwood Fitness Center Fire at Westwood Fitness Center

A fire and explosion damaged Sterling's largest parks facility. The Westwood Fitness Center caught fire about 12:30pm on Monday.

Firefighters spent several hours chasing smoke and flames out of the roof. The fire caught the insulation of the ceiling on fire, making it difficult for the firefighters to track where exactly the fire was because of how high the ceilings are.

The fire captain says the building was built in the 70's and does not have a sprinkler system. He believes the fire started in a maintenance room, which was the source of the explosion reported by the staff inside.

"We're willing to bet there was some gasoline stored in there, as well as some oxyacetylene containers," Capt. Mike Dettman said. "I haven't been in there myself yet but that's what my crews saw."

The captain could not give us a damage estimate.

However, the park district director says 3/4 of the building suffered heavy smoke damages. He says it will not be able to be used until it's cleaned up.


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