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Employers Hiring New College Grads at Higher Rates

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As the economy improves, so do job prospects for new college grads.

Many colleges are sending their graduating seniors out into the workforce this month, which means thousands of new applicants flooding the job market.

Their chances of landing a job look especially bright in the Midwest.

Analysts say the economic downturn in 2007 didn't hit the this part of the country as hard as it hit the coasts, and that's why businesses in Iowa and around the Midwest are going to be able to hire more new graduates.

According to one study, employers plan to hire about two percent more recent graduates this year than last year.

That makes getting that college education more important now than ever.

Ashford University held its graduation ceremonies at the iWireless Center Sunday.

The size of that venue was needed for the more that 1,600 graduates. Some studied on campus in Clinton but more than a thousand were grads of online programs, coming from all over the country.

No matter how they got their degree, many tell us they're feeling good about life post-graduation.

"Looking over the websites, CareerBuilders, Monster, a lot of positions require you to have a higher education degree and so now I can apply that to my resume in hopes that it can help me obtain my goals," Donna Barber, who received her Masters Degree this weekend, said.

Job placement experts expect average starting salaries for new grads to be between 30 and 50 thousand dollars.

The most popular jobs will be in IT, customer service, accounting and financing.

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