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Celebrating 20 Years of Feeding the Hungry in the QCA

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It's a local group that helps feed the hungry in our area, and Saturday, the Vineyard Church of Davenport was celebrating twenty years of service to the community.

Church members have a lot to celebrate.

The Vineyard Church of Davenport is now home to more than 600 members - but it has come a long way to get here.

The church started twenty years ago in a living room with just 20 people.

Since then, it has grown in both its size and its mission.

The Vineyard Church is best know for its work with the homeless. They started King's Harvest Ministries 17 years ago, to provide services as a homeless shelter and food pantry.

The group also works with rescued animals, giving them shelter and finding new homes for pets.

This weekend, despite the weather, members took sometime to celebrate their accomplishments, and to think about what the next 20 years may have in store.

"It feels really satisfying. Everybody wants to do something that counts, for their life to mean something, and today we really feel that way," Pastor Pat Street said.

"We could die happy if this is all we ever did but we know there is a lot more to come," he added.

Pastor Street says the thing he is most proud of is that his church is a truly diverse one, with people coming from a lot of different backgrounds.

One member we spoke to said the diversity and the faith is what brought her to the congregation, but the volunteering that the church does in the community is what kept her coming back.

That said, church members recognize there is still a lot of work to do.

 This week, King's Harvest opened two new locations to accommodate a growing number of homeless in the Quad Cities.


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