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Knox County Housing Considering Non-Smoking

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Knox County Housing is looking to cut costs, and a smoking ban for residents is how they plan to do it.
Hundreds of Knox County residents will not be allowed to smoke inside the units and if caught, this would violate the lease agreement and the renter could be evicted.
Some renters are not happy about the new policy.

"I believe that if you pay your rent, you should be entitled to smoke in your apartment," non-smoker Joyce Lawrence said.

"I think everybody should have their own right to do whatever they want in their own apartment, especially when it comes to smoking," non-smoker Jean Hall said.

The reason for this new policy? Housing officials said it cost between $2,000 and $3,000 to clean a smoking unit when a renter leaves.
For non-smoking units, it only cost between $300 and $700.
Also non-smoking units can be turned over to new renters faster. They only take a few days to clean, whereas smoking units take a couple of weeks to clean.
The policy goes into effect in April 2014.   


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