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Mail Carriers And Dog Attacks

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Mail carriers serve our community, but that can be difficult to do when threatened or attacked by dogs.

With three reported dog attacks just in Davenport alone, it seems like the problem is getting worse.

"Last year and going into this year we're still seeing more and more dog bites," Postmaster Anthony Harris said.

The Postmaster says there are laws that don't allow dogs to be left loose, but the mail carriers still see a lot of free-roaming dogs. One mail carrier says she has been attacked twice.

"They scare me, they scare us all," mail carrier Cheryl Chavez said. "Any of us that get a charging dog with teeth, it's scary, it leave you with your hair up."

In the summer months, attacks tend to increase and the mail carriers say they just want more protection while doing their job.
The postal workers plan to attend this week's council meeting to get the city on board with preventing future attacks.


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