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West Liberty Community Cleanup

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After major flooding rocked the city last week, residents in West Liberty, Iowa are cleaning up.

Hundreds of people turned out this weekend to throw away items damaged by flood and sewer waters.

Nearly 40 tons was hauled away Saturday. And Sunday, nearly the same amount was also taken away.

In West Liberty - population about 3,700 - more than a quarter of the homes had flooded basements last week.

So, this weekend, hundreds of people were lining up to dump their trash.

Couches and drywall were two of the most popular items being pitched.

We talked to several people on Sunday who said they had anywhere from 13 inches to seven feet of water in their basements at the height of the floods.

There was a consensus that this was the worst flood to ever hit West Liberty, but cleaning up may be just the thing to help people move on.

"It hurts you sometimes to see people go through this, but you do what you have to do I guess," David Lechuga, a West Liberty city employee, said.

"It was bubbling out of manholes in the streets, bubbling right in the middle of the street. It's the worst I've ever seen it, I've worked here for seven years and lived here my entire life," said another city employee, Dustin Noble.

It is costing the city around $60 for every ton of trash that is hauled away.

But, city leaders say it is worth every penny so people don't just dump their waste in ditches or burn it, which is bad for air quality. But perhaps even more importantly, people say this cleanup effort has helped the community come together as they try to put their city back together.

People from surrounding cities like Atalissa and Nichols were also welcome to bring their flood damaged items to be taken away.

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