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Does the State of Illinois Have Your Money?

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You may be missing money that is rightfully yours - and not even know about it. Now, the Illinois Treasurer's Office is pushing people to use the I-Cash Program to find out.

An event in Whiteside County Friday was all about raising awareness about this resource.

The state's I-Cash program is pretty simple. It's a searchable, online database of all the unclaimed property in the state.

That includes things like contents of inactive bank accounts, insurance payments, and undelivered or un-cashed checks, to name a few.

And there certainly is a lot of it. Something like $1.7 billion dollars worth.

"If it's yours, I want to get it back to you," Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford said.

Rutherford was trying to do just that in Whiteside County Friday, on one of many statewide stops this week.

His office set up shop at the Sterling Public Library to help local residents navigate the I-Cash web site and claim what is rightfully theirs.

"We have everything from contents of lock boxes to stock certificates to cash," Rutherford explained.

All of it must be held by the Treasurer's office in Springfield until it can be returned.

There is nearly $2.9 million dollars of unclaimed property with ties to Whiteside County alone.

It belongs to about 20,000 people. Statistically speaking, in a county with a population just shy of 60,000, that's money owed to one in three people.

"The vast majority - it is common that people don't know," Rutherford said.

And that's why events like this one - aimed at encouraging people to check the database - are so important.

Sterling resident Ruth Stanley said she's grateful for the opportunity.

"Some of us don't navigate the web very well so when you have a person to talk to it is easier," she said.

Stanley didn't find any unclaimed property belonging to her on the I-Cash site, but she says she did find several family members on there.

"One of them, I know, has several different accounts and dividends that I'm going to run home and get a hold of him and tell him about," she said.

Now, after seeing for herself what the I-Cash program can do, Stanley has one message for her friends and neighbors:

"By all means, check!" she said.

After all, the money is yours - even if you don't know you have it coming to you.

Every state has some sort of program for returning unclaimed property.

Click here to go to Illinois' I-Cash web site:

Click here to go to Iowa equivalent, The Great Iowa Treasure Hunt:

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