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Back On The Diamond After The Flood

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Mother Nature is finally getting back in the game.

After a rough start to the season, local teams are expecting to play ball in sunshine and warmer temperatures.

The River Bandits were doing that Thursday night.

"Oh, this is beautiful," Dave Gannon tells us. He says he is a big fan, and appreciates this weather. "No rain. Sun, warm, a little breeze. But that's alright."

Because, he says, it's a big change from what we have been seeing. Rain coming down across the area and floodwaters coming up in Davenport forced crews to put up a wooden walkway outside the stadium.
"I had tickets for one game, but it got rained out," Gannon says.
Executive Director Stefanie Brown tells Fox 18, "We ended up raining out three games in the first series."
Those are games the River Bandits are making up in double headers down the road, or on the road. And that is something teams across the Midwest are dealing with.
Lumberkings General Manager Ted Tornow says, "That's just April in the Midwest, just have to take the good with the bad. Unfortunately for us, the first 10 scheduled dates have been rain and inclement weather."
The Lumberkings GM says making the call to cancel can be tough, but, "You get to the point of diminishing returns."
Playing in bad weather can risk careers. Fans don't want to sit out in it. And Tornow knows no game means no ticket sales at the stadium, or dollars coming into town.
"You get into cause and effect. If we can't play, people aren't coming to our games and buying gas or staying at a hotel or whatever the case may be."
Managers say while some fans are die-hard, most are fair weather.
"The warmer it is, the more people will walk up and buy a ticket," Brown says.
"It's why they're grateful for weather like today's,and what's forecasted into the weekend.
And fans say they are as well.
Gannon says, "It's wonderful tonight."    
And to celebrate the end of wet, wintry weather, the Bandits are opening the gates, literally, on Monday.
That is "Beat the Flood Day", with free admission.   


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