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Digging For Clues In Moline Cold Case

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Moline police are looking at new leads in the disappearance of a man 22 years ago.

52-year old Jerry Wolking disappeared without a trace in November 1990.
His car was found at the Quad City Airport and detectives have always suspected foul play. Now investigators are digging at the rural Milan site which was owned by the family of a person of interest.
Police say a detective who is interested in cold cases is why this new lead came in.

"He started looking at some of these cases and started looking at it with a different eye," Moline Police Lt. John Hitchcock said. "Which is one of the things that the cold case classes teaches. It's good to look at with a different eye, a different perspective."

Investigators have stopped digging at the Milan site because the ground is too saturated.
They are hoping to resume the search by Monday.


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