Rock River Flooding Forces Evacuations in Several Communities


Flooding problems continue to plague the QCA after last week's heavy rains.

The Mississippi River is expected to crest around 1 a.m. Monday.

The Rock River crested Sunday evening at 16.51 feet in Moline. That's a record high.

All along the Rock River, homes that don't typically deal with the flood waters are now seeing water in their backyards.

From Moline to Barstow to Port Byron, communities are all with flooding concerns because of the Rock.

The situation was especially difficult in Barstow, where, Saturday, homes were evacuated after a private levee was breached.

Then, more levees broke in several places overnight and into Sunday morning. That was the cause for a lot more evacuations there on Sunday than on Saturday.

Several people needed to be saved by boat, because water had completely taken over roads.

Sunday afternoon, a lot of effort was going towards saving the fire station. Even as sandbags were piled up outside, all equipment was removed to save it from the rising waters.

Meanwhile, there were more problems in Port Byron, especially at the Falcon Farms Mobile Home Park.

Flood waters were completely surrounding several homes here.

At one point, the waters actually picked up a car and moved it forward several feet.

Now, many are just thankful to be safe in that area.

"This is the worst one we have seen. It's up past our trailer and moving, and yeah, this is the worst that we have seen," said Port Byron resident Stephanie Banks.

"The Port Byron Fire Department was here earlier and were helping people move voluntarily," she added.

We have also had reports of heavy flooding in Carbon Cliff.

It's another area on the Rock - near all the problems in Barstow - and we're told the water is especially high near the school and other structures.

Some people we talked to Sunday saying this is the worst flooding they have ever seen.

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