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Protecting Credit Island from the Flood

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The clean-up process may still be a ways away from starting for places like Credit Island, where crews are working around the clock - in 12 hour shifts - to protect the Lodge and other riverfront structures.

The Davenport Fire Department is also hard at work, with duties that include running out supplies and switching out city workers on Credit Island by boat.

The park is completely underwater, with just the tops of picnic shelters and playgrounds popping up.

Fire officials tell us it's all about working together to keep the water out of the Lodge.

"We're just one team here in the city. It doesn't matter whether it's the police department, the fire department, public works - regardless, we're here to serve the citizens of Davenport," said Davenport Fire Department Captain Ed Grothus.

It took three crews two days to get barriers up and equipment in place on Credit Island.

Crews will remain on the island until the water recedes.

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