Barstow, IL Levee Breaks, Homes Evacuated


Some of the weekend's worst flooding was in Barstow, Illinois. A private levee broke around 3 p.m. Saturday, forcing more than 50 people to leave their homes.

Crews were hard at work Saturday evening to keep the water from spreading further.

Volunteers were building a new quarter-mile long levee down the center of Barstow Road, attempting to keep water away from the rest of the city.

This, after a private levee behind the Barstow Trailer Park was overtopped with water - and ultimately broke.

The flood waters came quickly.

So quickly, in fact, that when we were down near the worst area of the flooding, we were told that we had about ten minutes to clear out or we may get stuck there because the water was rising so fast.

A shelter has been made available to the people whose homes are now in standing water.

The American Red Cross is running that at Eagle Ridge Elementary School in Silvis.

And, while most people left their houses with no problems, some were hesitant to leave after the evacuation order was given.

"Some people thought it to be unnecessary, but once they saw or heard the rushing water coming towards them - they were pretty quick to comply," said Mat Schepple, Carbon Cliff-Barstow Fire Chief.

Everybody who needed to be evacuated Saturday is safe.

Many are saying that this year's flooding is as bad or worse than most in recent years.

State and county police are helping set a perimeter around Barstow, not allowing anyone besides emergency vehicles in or out .

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