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Former Quad Citians In Boston Wait It Out

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     While the manhunt was one in Watertown, many of the surrounding areas of Boston were at a standstill for much of the day Friday. We talked to several people there with ties to the Quad Cities area. Including a Davenport native who now lives a few miles away from Watertown. His mother-in-law is right there in the center of the activity and took several pictures of the throngs of law enforcement that swarmed the area searching for the suspect. They described it as very tense almost like a war-zone at times.
      "It's sort of crazy, we've been getting a lot of calls from a lot of people. Obviously a lot of people are horrified by the tragedy of the marathon and the fear of what's next," said Nathan Porteshawver.
       He says many people just hunkered down and waited for officials to catch the suspect.


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