R.I. Teacher Pleads Not Guilty For Soliciting



A Davenport man who works with Rock Island students pleads not guilty to charges of soliciting a child.

Brian R. Evans works as a para-professional at Thomas Jefferson Elementary school in Milan.

Police arrested Evans earlier this week after text messages he sent to a ten-year-old girls i-Pod were discovered.
Court documents show those messages included Evans asking the girl to sit on his lap and allow him to spank her.
He's worked there since September and is currently on administrative leave. Parents describe the letter they received from the school as sickening.

"I was pretty upset," parent Lee Conner said. "I would have liked to find out about it another way, personally I think they should have had some kind of phone call for the parents or meeting with the parents."

Evans has plead not guilty to all charges. He is out on bond tonight.


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