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Rock Island Church Seeks Community's Help

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Even as communities across the QCA pile up sand bags and take other measures to prevent potential flood damage, for one Rock Island church, Mother Nature's damage has already been done.

"We have about 120 people here who have been locked out of this church, and we don't know what we're going to do next Sunday," Rev. Vitalis Kyulule said.  

His church, the Calvary International Revival Church on 13th Avenue has been declared unfit for human occupancy, thanks to the damage left behind from water pouring through the roof.

"Generally the infrastructure of the building is kind of pretty bad, and the rains have exacerbated the problems," Rev. Kyulule explained.

In order to open back up, a new roof is a must. Water damages walls and ceilings must also be repaired.

Plus, windows and doors need to be replaced, the front entrance needs to be redone, and the carpet needs to be ripped out.

The price tag: Hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That's a big problem for this congregation.

"We are working mainly with an African populations, with refugees. And the money story is very difficult," Rev. Kyulule said.  

"We need support," he added.

It may be cheaper to buy another church elsewhere, but that's not really an option either.

"See, this church is located very close to the African population, and some people just walk to the church,"  Rev.  Kyulule pointed out.

If the church were moved, not only would that portion of the congregation lose access to the church's worship services, but a large portion of the local population would lose access to the wide range of other services the church provides to the refugee community as well.

From translation services to ESL classes to job placement help, the church is an asset to the neighborhood.

"We need this place up and running," Rev. Kyulule said, "And if your heart is ready to keep this church operating, we just pray that you will help us out."

A bank account has been set up at Wells Fargo to accept monetary donations.

Please send checks, payable to Calvary International Revival Church, to:
Wells Fargo
1800 30th Street
Rock Island, IL 61201

Anyone with questions can call the bank at (309)793-9463.

The church and its outreach services are a not-for-profit, so donations made to it are tax-deductible.


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