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Moline River Drive Flooding

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After a day of flash flooding, residents and towns throughout the area are trying to clean up while the rivers continue to creep up ever higher.

Jared Edwards woke at six this morning to find out he owns some new riverfront property.

"It was a shock," Edwards said. "Wake up at six and try to go to work and can't cause you're surrounded by a river."

A shock many across the area have been dealing with as heavy rains overflowed creeks and rivers continue to swell.

"We're hoping with the rain situation, since its cut out that it will help with not adding to the problem," Rock Island Co. Chair Phil Banaszek said.

Rock Island county is monitoring all of its low lying areas. Barstow is most at risk as the Rock River climbs to a record crest, yet, no evacuations have been ordered.

"We're recommending to residents to be alert and be careful of the rising water, and at this point if they think they need to move out of the area, it's entirely up to them at this point," Banaszek said.

A decision some neighbors plan to make.

"Pretty worried, there's a lot of water," Dyllon Whited said. "They said its going to be up to our windows by Saturday, so I think yeah, I'm gonna leave."

Dyllon Whited says time may force his call.

"Tomorrow the roads may be flooded and we can't leave, because the back road at Barstow is flooded, you can't go that way, and this way is about to be flooded," Whited said.


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