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Bettendorf Marathoner Narrowly Misses Blast

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25-year-old Bettendorf runner Briana Flynn had already finished her race and hung around the finish line with her dad after she took a cool down run.

They left to head to their parking garage five minutes before the explosions.

Flynn says they were extremely lucky she feels if she had run the race poorly she and her dad may have been around the finish line when the bombs went off.

She says it's heartbreaking to watch this story. The race is about people pursuing some of their loftiest goals. Proving they can complete one of America's most famous marathons.

"We heard something but it wasn't automatically, we weren't sure what was going on, it was my first time at Boston so I wasn't sure if they did some kind of cannon thing," Flynn said.

While Flynn was running, her co-workers were following her progress on their phones.

When the bombs went off they weren't able to get a hold of Flynn for over an hour, worrying sick, until Flynn could text them that she was ok.


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