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Preparing for the Floods in Davenport

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When it comes to Davenport's flood plan, protecting human life is priority number one.

Sandbags were available for residents to pick up at one local business Sunday for anyone who needed them.

Flooding has already begun at some places along the Mississippi River, causing some roads to close.

Several portions of road in Davenport - especially along South Concord Road - are covered with water and are now closed.

Now, residents and businesses are starting in earnest to prepare for the yearly floods. River levels are steadily rising and are expected to hit over 14 feet by Thursday.

People living in that area say it is a hassle, but it is worth it for living in such a beautiful space.

Many of the houses are now built on top of concrete garages. This cuts down on a lot of flood damage to home.

But with waters rising, many residents say hard work is coming:

"When it floods down here, you don't make walls, you just let it come in and come in the garage," explained Cathy Johnstone, who lives on the river. "When it's all done, you pressure wash it out and bleach it."

"I've also learned that being down here and for the first time going through this - people are so willing to help, willing to teach me what I have to look for, what I have to do, how to prepare," added Dee Moorman, owner of Dee's Enchanted Inn.

"It's kind of like a little family down here. It's amazing," she said.

No additional flood plan steps will be taken by Davenport until water levels go over 15 feet, five inches.

But, city leaders want people to know that caution should always be used when dealing with flood waters. Don't try to drive through.

If you live in Davenport and need sandbags, the city will help.

All you need to do is call the Public Works Department.

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